This case study focuses on how Sailor, a renowned lifestyle brand in Bangladesh’s retail fashion industry, successfully addressed the challenges of customer traffic, site performance, instant development and customization by implementing Mediasoft’s complete E-Commerce Solution. The study highlights the challenges faced by Sailor and the tailored solution provided by Mediasoft, showcasing the resulting improvements in customer experience and business performance.

The Challenge

Sailor, a prominent fashion brand, faced several pressing challenges that impacted their online operations and customer satisfaction. The primary issues included:

High customer traffic load: During peak seasons and promotional events, Sailor experienced a surge in website traffic, overwhelming their existing infrastructure and leading to slower response times.

Low site performance: The strain on their infrastructure resulted in decreased site performance, negatively impacting the browsing and purchasing experience for customers.

Instant development and integration: Sailor required a solution that could seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, multiple payment gateways, and logistic partners to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency.

Customization: To align with Sailor’s unique business requirements, the solution needed to be highly customizable, accommodating their specific needs and future growth plans.

Mediasoft promised to optimize performance, handle high traffic loads, allow for tailored development and others mentioned solution according to Sailor’s specific business needs.

The Solution

After thorough evaluation and consideration of various options, Sailor decided to implement Mediasoft’s comprehensive E-Commerce solution to overcome these challenges and obstacles. Mediasoft offered a comprehensive platform that addressed Sailor’s specific challenges and provided the full E- Commerce solution Combined with following:

  • E-commerce store front
  • E-commerce order management
  • Warehouse integration
  • Omni-channel integration
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways
  • Integration with Logistic partners

Technology used:

Mediasoft Used Next.js and React.js for the frontend, alongside a PHP Laravel backend with a MySQL database. Additionally, they have integrated a .NET API for order management, a .NET-based warehouse management system, and Laravel for omni-channel integration. Mediasoft’s e-commerce solution seamlessly integrates with multiple payment gateways like Nagad, bKash, and SSLCommerz, while also partnering with logistics providers such as Ecuriar to optimize order fulfillment. This comprehensive approach ensures a top-notch shopping experience, streamlined operations, and successful integration with various third-party platforms, positioning Mediasoft as a leader in the competitive e-commerce industry.


By implementing Mediasoft’s e-commerce solution, Sailor experienced several significant improvements. The solution distributed the customer traffic evenly across multiple servers, ensuring smooth website performance, reduced latency, and minimal downtime. This improvement significantly enhanced the overall user experience, reducing frustration and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Enhanced site performance: The optimized infrastructure and performance optimization techniques employed by Mediasoft significantly improved Sailor’s site performance. Customers benefited from faster response times, seamless browsing, and a smooth checkout experience.

Traffic load management: Mediasoft’s solution efficiently handled high traffic loads, ensuring Sailor’s website remained stable and responsive even during peak periods, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Tailored development: Mediasoft’s custom development capabilities allowed Sailor to customize the platform according to their specific business needs. This flexibility ensured that the solution could adapt and grow alongside Sailor’s evolving requirements.

Seamless integrations: The integration with third-party systems, payment gateways, and logistic partners facilitated smoother operations, reduced manual efforts, and enhanced overall efficiency.

Improved customer experience: The combined effect of faster site performance, seamless browsing, and efficient order management resulted in an enhanced customer experience. Customers were more satisfied with their interactions with Sailor’s online store, leading to increased loyalty and repeat purchases.