Retail POS


RetailOne is suitable for all type of SME retail stores. Easily Track your Inventory & sales with RetailOne.


RetailMaster is Complete POS solution, which has everything so that you can run a sucessfull business.


CloudPOS is an online and offline solution that manages the central and multi-warehouse system. The Smar choice for your business.


POSMaster automates the sales process, making it easy to process transactions, generate invoices, and track customer purchases.


Retail ERP solution is a comprehensive ERP solution that helps users manage all aspects of their business effortlessly.


MiniPOS is the ultimate solution designed specifically for single-store operations and for manages small business efforlessly.

Pharmacy & HealthCare Solution


RetailPharma is a complete Pharmacy Management software used for small, medium and standalone pharmacies all over the country.


Medicure is a smart hospital management software which can be used by any type of hospital, clinics and lab/diagonostic centres.


PrescriptionPro is a smart prescription management software which is suitable for both clinical and hospital settings.


QuickPharma is for small pharmacy with single counter operations for increse their productivity with a affortable price range.


Cloudpharma is specially designed for big-scale/ big-chain pharmacy shop which can easily manage large number of batch inventory.

Restaurant Management System


T-Pos is Complete Restaurant Management Software for large-scale restaurant business. its an all- in-one solution for Restaurants.


Restora is the smallest version for restaurant management software. Smart and easy t o use POS system without inventory.

Motor Workshop Management System


Meramot is an automated system for gaqrage store or its relate Business. it is the ,smart way to manage your workshop

Asset Management System


SOMPOD is a Smart Asset Management Software, which is suitable for tracking, maintaning & Monitoring all types of physical assets that are part of fixed assets of an organization.

Accounting Management System


Sorol is Smart Accounting Management Software which is used to optimize financial operations of any business or organizations

VAT Management System


VATPro is an NBR-approved VAT accounting software, complies with “The Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Act, 2012.

Payroll & Attendance Software


Mediasoft’s Payroll & Attendance software “BETON”, which can be used by any organizations/business for their payroll & Attendance excellence.


E-Commerce Order Management System

E-commerce Order Management System (OMS) – A comprehensive solution for online orders- from order creations to payment collections and beyond.

E-Commerce website Development

Mediasoft Website development is best for provide exceptional eCommerce websites according to customer demands & Needs.

Apparel POS

RMG Master

Mediasoft help apparel retailers provide our RMG master solution for both Single & Multi-location Chain Store

Tailoring Management system

Mediasoft data systems limited has the best-featured tailor & fabric management system to manage your tailoring or clothing business.

Hotel Management System


ProINN – A Comphrehensive Hotel Management software and an all-in-one solutions for any type of hotel & resorts.

Canteen Management System


“MealBooking” a innovative Canteen Management Software which is suitable for Manage Your employee’s/student’s daily Meal.

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

Mediasoft’s Inventory management system can be used any type of business for keeps track of the sales, orders, inventory levels as well.

Club Management ERP

Club Management Software

Streamline club operations with a system managing inventory, sales, and orders, offering real-time tracking, automated reordering, and seamless POS integration.

WholeSale Management System

Distribution Management Software

Our Distribution Management software delivers the required functionalities to manage the day-to-day processes of a wholesale trade and distribution company.

Bakery ERP

Bakery ERP

An End-to-End solutions for bakery business from manufracturing to bring in marketplace, optimize every facet of your bakery business.

Shop POS

FairPrice Shop POS software

Fair price shop is one kind of shop that distribute essential commodities to their respective workers and employees with nominal prices.

Shop Mobile

This solution best suites For Mobile devices & its related products store or business.

Computer Hardware shop POS Software

Designed to manage all types of computer hardware & accessories store’s billing, invoicing, inventory & many more

Electronics & Electrical Shop POS software

Electronics & Electrical Shop software is a properly integrated POS system that helps you manage your electronics store effortlessly

BookShop POS Software

Mediasoft’s book shop billing software that help you to manage your customers seamlessly and invoices of your book shop

Beauty Parlor & Salon management system

Mediasoft provides a comprehensive beauty parlor POS system to help beauty parlor owners for manage their service operations effortlessly

Footwear POS software

Mediasoft’s Footwear POS software, a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique needs of footwear retailers

Lifestyle & Fashion Store Software

Home Decor Shop Pos software

Home Decor Store Billing Software is integrated with Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, and Reports.

Luggage & Bags Store POS Software

Mediasoft’s luggage & bags store POS software offers store-wise inventory and replenishment management, sales booster loyalty programs, schemes and promotions

Furniture ERP

Mediasoft furniture ERP is a comprehensive ERP system that can match the needs of the end product furniture manufacturers


Customer Relation management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) systemis a process which manage business or other organization administers its interactions with customers.

Mobile Application

Tableside Order Taking App

tableside ordering is now available for Restaurant Manager system users

Distribution Plus

It’s a mobile version of our wholesale & distribution software

Custom made app

Custom-made or tailor-made mobile application is develop by or according to customers coice or need

Stock-Counting App

To solve all the problems in counting stock, Mediasoft Stock Counting App will be your all-in-one solution.

Employee self-service application

it’s a mobile application versuion of Mediasoft’s payroll & attendance software for manage a organization’s employee or staff.

Club Management app

For club managenment mobile app. Its actually not for only club also work like erp

Sales representative order taking app.

Mobile app for taking orders individually

Other POS

Amusement Park Management

Park management is for maintain for holiday or fun & rides public entertainment places like nanadan park.

Parking Management System

Parking management system is used to manage parking of vehicles in the premises

Market Management software

Market Management software is used for collecting rents .